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Innova Introduces Matco MD75 FixAdvisor and the MD85 FixAdvisor Pro
Tuesday, March 31, 2015

New Scan Tools Solve Check Engine Light Issues

IRVINE, Calif. – March 27, 2015 –Innova Electronics Corporation introduces the Matco MD75 FixAdvisor™ and the MD85 FixAdvisor PRO, both with FixAssist® technology to provide the most likely fix for primary diagnostic trouble codes to guide in solving check engine light issues.

“The new Matco MD75 and MD85 provide versatile coverage and work with any car, light truck, minivan, SUV or hybrid manufactured since 1996, domestic or foreign,” said Rick Miali, director of new business, Innova Electronics Corporation. “Each tool has a patented, 2.8-inch color display screen that shows 20 pieces of vital information at the same time, including diagnostic trouble codes and their definitions in English, French and Spanish.”

Technicians can use the scan tools to read and erase check engine light codes with a click of a button, as well as diagnose and erase anti-lock brake (ABS) and airbag/supplemental restraint system codes on the most popular, newer model vehicles, including GM, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota and Honda. The MD85 has added coverage for Asian and European vehicles as well.

Features include a battery/alternator test to help with troubleshooting no-start car problems and red-yellow-green LEDs that indicate the emissions monitor status and help catch intermittent problems or confirm repairs during a drive cycle. Users can view live data stream and graph, read and record live data values. The freeze frame function shows engine condition, such as fuel trim and engine coolant temp, at the time the Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) was set.

For convenience, the MD85 also has an LED illuminated DLC that allows users to easily see and connect to their OBDII port, which is usually found under the steering column, as well as an oil and battery maintenance light reset.

Designed for premium usability, the MD75 and the MD85 have a nine button format with “hot keys” that provide easy access to important information with intuitive navigation. The tools produce an audible beep to alert when successfully linked to the vehicle. The memory/battery backup allows for off-car review and analysis, and the low battery indicator alerts technicians as to when the batteries need replacing, allowing technicians the ability to properly plan their work schedule without interruptions due to battery life.

The MD75 and MD85 scan tools also include optional access to RepairSolutions®- the most comprehensive, verified fix information available.

Support for the Matco MD75 FixAdvisor and the MD85 FixAdvisor Pro is available seven days a week from 6 a.m. – 6 p.m. PST in English and Spanish from Innova’s team of Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certified technicians.

The MD75 and MD85 are available exclusively from Matco Tools. To locate a distributor in your area or for more information on the product, call 1-866-289-8665 or visit

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