MD100 - FixAdvisor Pro™

Product Features

The MD100 is Matco's top of the line tool for professionals like you. The MD100 incorporates a bright 3.5” LCD all-in-one display that has all the space you need to stream, record, and graph up to four Powertrain Live-Data parameters at the same time or two ABS, and SRS parameters! The MD100 is also equipped with new features such as Active Test and Steering Angle Reset to help you get to the bottom of those hard to diagnose problems.

  • Read and clear Check Engine, ABS, and SRS codes on 1996 and newer OBD2 vehicles
  • Graph up to 4 ABS, SRS, or Powertrain Live Data parameters simultaneously with a new, bigger 3.5" screen
  • Perform Vehicle Network Scan
  • Initiate Steering Angle Reset (SAS) procedure
  • Enabled Bluetooth provides access to RepairSolutions Pro, an online OBD2 Fix community online or with the mobile application


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