MD60 - CodeAdvisor™

Product Features


Introducing Matco’s newest line of professional grade diagnostic tools – Code Advisor™, FixAdvisor™ and FixAdvisor Pro™ – tools that have the power to change your business for good. Whatever position you hold in the industry, time is money, and Matco has purposely designed the Advisors with this in mind.

Over 40 years of experience in automotive research and design has gone into the development of Matco’s new Advisor line to bring you these highly intuitive, reliable, rugged diagnostic tools All support 1998 and newer diesels, as well as all model year hybrids.

Perfect for diagnosing problems quickly when a shop’s really busy and doesn’t need a complex tool. It does everything needed in a basic diagnostic tool and works on 1996 and newer domestic, Asian & European cars. Key features and benefits of the CodeAdvisor™ include:

  • Diagnoses 1996 and newer vehicles (OBD2)
  • Patented Vehicle Health Monitor™
  • Emissions Readiness Advisor
  • Patented hot keys
  • Patented all-in-1 display
  • Supports domestic, Asian & European vehicles
  • Red-yellow-green lights show emissions status
  • Verify completed trip & drive cycles
  • Quick links to crucial functions like read/erase check engine light
  • 20+ pieces of info at once - minimal scrolling


Introducing RepairSolutions® A virtual solution package that enhances not only the repair experience but the customer service experience as well. Think of Repair Solutions as the ‘411’ of automotive diagnostics. It’s all the answers you need, on-the-spot, in one spot – whether it be step-by-step fix support from our ASE-certified technicians, recall information, technical service bulletins, fix support from ASE-certified technicians, customer reports – you name it, RepairSolutions® does it. That’s the power of Matco Tools.


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